I’m Damodhar narayanan, User centred designer from Chennai

My most recent work is Digital KYC(e-IPV) with Fundsindia where I designed for some of its core offerings like SIP Investments, goal based investment and even for Equities(stock market platform). As a team, I prefer to work and recommend everyone to work with data driven design. The environment taught me how to balance business goals and engineering constraints as I unrelentingly advocated for the user. Working through user centred design taught me that, product and feature should solve their own purpose. I believe design solve the problem in every space through various methods of approaches. Especially in interactive digital medium, it plays a sensitive and vital role.

Completed my VFX degree from Arena animation, Chennai and started my career in user centred design with 5 years of experience. I carry my work through design thinking approach.

As an explorer, design enthusiast, I am interested to know how things are working. I embrace all my knowings and try to bring it to the design I created. Bike ride in the early morning(doable only @weekend) and watching the sunrise from seashore allows me to think perfect.

Few Digital Photoshop renderings